NCI Congratulates Stevie Wonder

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NCI Congratulates Stevie Wonder on his Presidential Medal of Freedom

On November 24th, President Obama awarded American music legend Stevie Wonder the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. The White House’s official commendation highlighted his many accomplishments, not only “his exuberant creativity, his virtuosity on multiple instruments, and his mastery of a wide range of genres,” but also how he “impacted the world through his philanthropy and advocacy, especially his championing of people with disabilities.”

Although he’s best known for the award-winning, chart-topping recordings and performances that have made him an icon of American music, Mr. Wonder is also deeply passionate about improving accessibility. This past October, he met with the FCC to personally advocate for more and better audio description to improve media accessibility for the blind. He even proposed a project involving famous actors and performers using their voice talent to record audio description, offering the use of his own celebrated voice!

NCI is proud to produce high-quality audio description for blind and low-vision audiences across America. Though less ubiquitous than closed captioning, audio description plays a vital role in ensuring all Americans have access to entertainment, news, and education. Each year public and legislative support for this important service grows, in part thanks to the invaluable advocacy of individuals like Mr. Wonder. Congratulations to Stevie Wonder on his Presidential Medal of Freedom, the capstone of an incredible and influential musical career. We’re thrilled that he’s using his celebrity to speak up for accessibility!