Now Playing: More Closed Captioning Coming to a Megaplex Near You?

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Now Playing: More Closed Captioning Coming to a Megaplex Near You?

A compromise has been reached between the National Association of Theater Owners and deaf and hard-of-hearing advocacy groups in regard to increasing the availability of closed captioning in movie theaters.

Theater owners and organizations such as the National Association of the Deaf also agreed to encourage film distributors to aid in this endeavor by providing closed captioning tracks and descriptive audio in more films and trailers.

The proposal will now go to the Department of Justice for consideration, and the new rules are expected to go into effect two years after adoption.

The recommendations affect digitally-equipped theaters with more than 16 screens and require owners to have at least 12 devices on hand for patrons who require either closed captioning assistance or described video.

NCI has a long history of partnering with networks and producers to provide described video, or descriptive audio, for those who are visually impaired.

Soon there will be more options than simply waiting for a title to release on DVD for the more than 45 million Americans who are hearing impaired!

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