Emergency Captioning

In Case of Emergency

Whether there is breaking news of national or local importance, severe weather, or unforeseen events in the community your broadcast station serves, emergency coverage ensures that your viewers stay well-informed and out of harm’s way. Because emergencies affect everyone, emergency broadcasts must be accessible to everyone. This is not only a common sense consideration but also an explicit FCC directive. FCC rules state that all emergency broadcasts “intended to further the protection of life, health, safety, and property” must be made accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Day or night, if you make the decision to go to emergency coverage, NCI stands prepared to provide high-quality closed captions at a moment’s notice.

Ready for Anything

Emergency situations can be inherently stressful, but obtaining emergency captioning should not be. With a deep pool of real-time captioning professionals and a dedicated Scheduling Department standing by 24 hours a day, year-round, NCI can actualize your requests for emergency captioning into high-quality real-time captions in a matter of minutes.  All of NCI’s real-time captioners are trained to handle emergency broadcasts and will always strive to quickly ascertain and correctly caption the names, places, and other vocabulary that are specific and critical to the nature and location of your emergency.

Proven Track Record

NCI has partnered with hundreds of media outlets across the United States to provide high-quality, reliable emergency captioning for inclement weather, breaking news, and any and all unexpected situations requiring immediate closed captioning. Request a quote today to find out more about how NCI’s emergency captioning services can ensure that your most important broadcasts are accessible to everyone who depends on them.