Sports Captioning

Providing High-Quality Sports Captioning, Even as the Game Changes

Whether professional, college, or even at the high school level, sports are important to many Americans, including the tens of millions affected by hearing loss. Live sports events dominate TV ratings, but that’s only half the picture: sports programming has become a major part of our digital lives, especially through booming internet and mobile viewership.  In this new environment where sports are available whenever and wherever we want to watch them, NCI’s expertise and technology lead the way in real-time sports captioning, making every moment of every game accessible on any screen, anytime.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Through our best-in-class web captioning platform, Recap’d, NCI is able to deliver captions to live webcasts, streaming services, mobile apps, podcasts, online video clips – virtually any content stream imaginable. If your live or on-demand sports content is taking the plunge into digital, we can take the guesswork out of web captioning, ensuring all your content is FCC compliant and 100% accessible, from tipoff to the playoffs.

Expert Captioning, 24/7 Support

The real-time captioning of sports programs presents many unique challenges: the complex terminology, the unpredictability of when games may start or end, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of player names peculiar to each sport. Only our highest-performing captioners are cleared to cover our many sports clients, and only after they pass rigorous tests and prove mastery of the chosen sport’s rules, vocabulary, and personalities. And because missing captions are especially disruptive to fast-paced sporting events, we utilize backup systems, automated scheduling failsafes, and a 24-hour technical support center to make our broadcast and web captioning services as reliable as they are accurate.

NCI has provided high-quality sports captioning for decades, and our standards rise every year as we expand our talent pool and enhance our infrastructure. Whatever sport you cover, we’ll make sure all your fans can watch. Contact us today to find out why major league, cable, and regional networks across America trust NCI’s sports captioning year after year.