Web Captioning

Programming the Future: The Internet is rapidly expanding as a destination for live events, prerecorded programs, original content, and supplementary videos. NCI can not only help you make this content accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers – as well as those in locations where sound would be distracting – but we can also provide subtitling in almost any spoken language to make your programs available to a global audience. NCI offers a choice of services to match your needs.

Captioning: NCI’s highly skilled captioners can convert audio to streaming text in real time, making live events accessible on all major media players and on mobile devices. These caption files can then be used as is or with editing for on-demand playback of these events. NCI can also provide captioning for prerecorded videos for Webcasting.

Live Captions Delivered Anywhere: NCI’s Recap’d service is the easy-to-navigate, industry-leading solution for web-based, real-time delivery of captions. With a simple link or line of code, Recap’d delivers captions to web browsers on computers and mobile devices. Recap’d allows you to customize text size, style, and color for a user-friendly experience.  You can pop out captions in a new window, then resize and move the window exactly where you need it on your screen.  Click on the Recap’d link for more details.

Subtitling: Reach the world on the worldwide web using NCI translation services.  Subtitling is available in English, Spanish, French and just about any other spoken language. NCI can provide your captions or subtitles in standard media player formats or combine them with video for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray media.

What NCI Offers:

  • The best quality and service available for real-time and prerecorded captioning and subtitling
  • A large professional captioning staff able to handle volume and quick turnaround
  • Choice of services to match needs
  • Competitive rates
  • Technical support based on more than 30 years of experience
  • English and Spanish captioning
  • Translation and subtitling in almost any spoken language
  • Confidence that your work will be done accurately and on time