News From Miami: NCI at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Symposium

Posted by on February 14, 2020 in NCIblog | 0 comments

On February 13th, SyncWords and the National Captioning Institute were invited to the Telemundo Center in Miami to do a presentation on how to leverage machine translation for real-time broadcast, live OTT, and online meetings. The symposium was attended by hundreds of broadcast organizations looking to discover new innovations and use cases around cloud services offered by AWS.

Lydy Pinzón-Dadley, the Director of Sales for NCI, illustrated the many challenges that a captioning service company faces when asked to do live translation for multiple 24/7 live news or sports broadcasts, including:

  • Sourcing multilingual human translators
  • Scheduling real-time translators around the clock
  • Scaling live human captioners on demand
  • Cost of live human translators
  • Accuracy and quality control of live translations
  • Latency of the translated captions

Being able to leverage automation and machine translation was the way forward. NCI approached our technology partner, SyncWords, with these challenges and technical requirements for this use case.

Giovanni Galvez, VP of Business Development for SyncWords, explained how SyncWords was able to meet all these challenges in a short time frame and deliver a robust solution that is ready for primetime live TV. Their engineering team understood the need to focus on accuracy, security, and speed to create the next generation translation engine that works with our existing real-time captioning workflow.