Prerecorded Captioning 5-Step Process

1. Log-In, Preview & Digitalization: The broadcaster or producer provides NCI with a digital video file, DVD, or  duplicate videocassette of the program that includes time code that exactly matches  the master. Each video is logged in by NCI’s Traffic Department and previewed  for completeness by traffic personnel. The video is inspected for sequential  and error-free time code and workable audio. It is also checked for video  quality after upload or digitization, and this preview is essential. It serves  to identify problems before the captioning process, allowing NCI personnel, in  cooperation with clients, to take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.  This quality-control step is of utmost importance when programs are deadline  sensitive.

2. Caption Preparation: Caption editors watch and transcribe media at their networked computers. They enter a  verbatim transcription of the dialog, sound effects, and other essential non-verbal  features into NCI’s proprietary captioning system. The editors break the text  into individual captions, assign appropriate screen placement to each caption,  and time each caption to the associated audio.

3. Editor Review: The completed caption file is checked and corrected for accuracy, spelling, and  timing. Unfamiliar terms are researched using NCI’s reference library, reliable  Internet sites, and external resources. The caption editor submits the caption  file to a Senior Editor or a Section Supervisor for a quality review.

4. Quality Review: The Senior Editor or Section Supervisor is responsible for the final quality control  check of the caption file. The entire captioned program is checked, and errors  and inconsistencies between segments are corrected. A copy of the caption file  is then archived in NCI’s extensive caption file database spanning decades of  media. Reformats and transcripts can be created quickly.

5. Ready for Encoding: Encoding is the process that combines the caption file with a submaster of the video.  Once the final caption file is complete, the file is transmitted to the client  or designated encoding facility via email, FTP, or other media provided. The  client or encoding facility then integrates the caption data with the video  portion of the program. NCI provides encoding for some types of media and then  sends the client an encoded submaster.