Since its founding in 1979, the National Captioning Institute has enabled millions of previously underserved Americans to engage with visual media in all its forms. NCI pioneered the use of closed captioning on network television, and we have remained loyal to our mission of media accessibility by making television, video, motion pictures, and Webcasts accessible to deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and low-vision audiences, ESL students, new readers, and international populations. But NCI is dedicated to providing more than just access; we are committed to providing superior quality. We offer a complete catalog of affordable services and we use experience, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are exceeded. Use these links to learn more about NCI’s wide range of captioning, subtitling and translation services.

NCI’s long list of satisfied clients testifies to the vital and enriching role we play in the lives of legions of viewers. We invite you to experience NCI for yourself so that you can discover what makes us a leader in the industry.