Prerecorded Captioning


NCI believes in state-of-the-art captioning fit for the 21st century. New FCC guidelines require more and more internet-based and mobile technology content to be captioned, and NCI is rising to the challenge in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our client base. Web-based content, sitcoms, dramas, movies, children’s programming, music videos, and commercials are among the thousands of hours of prerecorded programming that NCI already captions each year. With captions, your video programming can reach a much larger audience. Millions of Americans benefit from captioned programming, including one out of ten people who are hard of hearing or deaf, people learning English as a second language, children learning to read, and adults improving their language fluency. Captions also help people to engage with television and other media in noisy areas such as restaurants, airports, sports bars, and health and fitness clubs.

What is Prerecorded Captioning? Prerecorded (offline) captioning is the post-production process of adding captions to a program after it has been recorded. Captions can be prepared in three different styles.

  • Standard Pop-on captions are timed and placed to synchronize with the program.
  • Center Placement Pop-on captions are centered at the bottom third of the TV screen with speaker changes noted by a dash.
  • Roll-up captions scroll on and off the screen in a continuous motion and use carats to denote a new speaker.


For reformats, captions on a source file can be adjusted to the new version of the provided media, including adjustment of timing for commercials or the adding/subtracting of content. After three decades in the business, NCI has a captioning library of thousands of titles that can be reformatted at a lower cost than original captioning.

NCI Offers:

  • The best quality and service available for prerecorded captioning
  • The largest, best trained and most experienced captioning staff in the world
  • Fast turnarounds to meet your schedules
  • Competitive rates
  • Technical support based on more than 30 years of experience
  • A captioning library of thousands of titles that can be reformatted at a lower cost
  • English, Spanish and French captioning
  • Multiple locations – Santa Clarita, CA; Chantilly, VA; and a state-of-the-art data center.

What this means for you is confidence that the work will be done correctly and on time at an affordable cost, along with an increased viewing audience, whether they watch on their televisions, computers or smart phones.