Recap’d: Live Captions Delivered Anywhere

  • Recap’d is the industry-leading solution for web-based real-time delivery of captions.
  • Embed your captions in a webpage.
  • View captions on a page dedicated to an event.
  • Competitive rates
  • Read captions on your mobile phone.
  • Make your events, online meetings and webcasts accessible.

Online Caption Platform: Recap’d provides a complete set of web-based tools for working with captions.





  • Easy Scheduling
  • Instant Archiving
  • Powerful Search
  • Export Transcripts
  • Edit Transcripts and Timecode

User-Friendly & Customizable:

  • Users can control text size, style and color, and background color for a great experience.
  • Pop out captions in a new window, then size and position the window exactly where you need it.
  • Style your caption widget so it fits seamlessly in your webpage.

A Snap to Use: Get captions to your audiences in two easy ways.

  • Paste one line of code in your webpage to show captions there.
  • Send a link to a dedicated caption page.

No Hardware Needed: Forget about caption encoders and hiring technicians to manage them as required for TV video. Internet video streaming and Recap’d replace it all with easy to use software and deliver captions where no encoder can. There is also no need for you to use any of your own web server resources for captioning since Recap’d is provided on our own servers.

play button Watch a sample of the Recap’d experience here!