Spanish Captioning & Subtitling

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Who We Are:
For over three decades, NCI has steadily served as the leading provider of quality  real-time and offline closed captioning, but did you know that our service  offerings extend well beyond English captioning? We also offer state-of-the-art  subtitling and translation services and Spanish captioning. We are your partner in ensuring equal access to television news  and entertainment for diverse audiences all across the country.

NCI has a highly-trained staff comprised of bilingual captioners, account liaisons,  and technical engineers who are available 24/7/365 to help you meet your  captioning needs.

Our Services:

  • Spanish Real-Time and Live Display Captioning
  • Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish prerecorded captioning
  • Subtitles and translation in almost any spoken language
  • Spanish audio description* (Services for audiences who are blind or partially blind)
  • Live and/or Offline Voice Over Dubbing (Spanish and/or English on the SAP channel)
  • Spanish Live Event Video Streaming (Webcasting)
  • Spanish Live On-Demand Web Captions

Superior Technology:
NCI’s commitment to cutting-edge technology has blazed a developmental path that introduces the next wave of captioning services. By dedicating ourselves to technology that goes beyond the schedule-and-caption formula of most captioning companies, we ensure that the process of captioning, and the management of those connections, remains as superior as the quality of the captions themselves. Our DSMM and CCP captioning software systems are exclusively available to NCI’s clients and are at the forefront of caption delivery.

Superior Service:

  • NCI is the only captioning company with large pools of Spanish captioners located in both the United States and in Latin America.  Our multiple locations ensure that you will be covered under any circumstance.
  • NCI is adept at offering clients the flexibility that the broadcasting industry demands. We are experts at handling changing deadlines and captioning and subtitling specifications, and we work in a culture where clients are offered solutions rather than constraints.
  • NCI offers a cost-effective solution for leading edge services.